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Beijing Hamamatsu Photon Techniques INC. (BHP) is a high-tech enterprise and a subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.. Founded on March 22nd, 1988. the company is headquartered in Fengtai Park, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Beijing. It is a member unit of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment and an executive member of Photoelectric Technology Committee of Chinese Optical Society. The company has jurisdiction over Langfang Branch, Yongqing Glass Branch, Hamamatsu Photon Technology (Langfang) Co., Ltd. (BHL) .

The company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating research, development and production and service. Based on the research and development of the PMT, the company has built a production line with an annual output of 350,000 PMTs, and at the same time, it has continuously developed into series products applied in the field of photonics technology. The business scope of the company includes: photoelectric devices, scintillators, faint light detectors, nuclear radiation detectors, photoelectronic glass, medical & inspection and testing instruments and other high-tech products in the field of photonics. The products are widely used in many fields such as health care, petroleum exploration, precision analysis, environmental protection monitoring, biological photons, life sciences, industrial measurement and control, high energy physics, cosmic research, geological and mineral exploration, etc.

The company has always paid attention to product quality, environmental protection and technological innovation. It has passed ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and has hundreds of valid patents and software copyrights. While pursuing innovation and development, the company always adheres to the business philosophy of green environmental protection, recycling, safety and energy conservation, and constantly improves production and manufacturing, improves efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and contributes to environmental protection.

The company continuously expands its business scale and actively responds to the call of “integrated and coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei”, and has built an optical industry base integrating research, development and production of photon technology in Langfang, Hebei Province; Built a photoelectron glass production base in Yongqing; Established a subsidiary in Langfang-Hamamatsu Photon Technology (Langfang) Co., Ltd., dedicated to research, development and production of nuclear medicine imaging equipment & medical inspection and testing instrument. It has passed ISO13485 quality management system.

The company adheres to the people-oriented concept to build a professional team, constantly carrys out technological innovation. Over the years, the company has tried its best to give full play to the local advantages to assist the development of major national science and technology projects and to meet the urgent needs of China.

Photon is Our Business! Photon opens up the future of mankind.

With the development of photon technology as our responsibility and to challenge the human unknown, it is our strategic goal to build Beijing Hamamatsu Photon Techniques INC into a professional manufacturer and supplier focusing on the production of photon detection devices, components and modular products. It is our unswerving business tenet and philosophy to create wealth, contribute to the society and repay employees.

Photon opens up the future, and photon benefits mankind!

Core Values of BHP

Lead by Photon   Keep Diligence   Achieve Customers   Open and Inclusive

Lead by Photon:It embodies Photonics-ism that BHP and HPK come down in one continuous line. Take photon technology as the forerunner, dare to challenge the unknown, closely focus on the development trend of photon technology application and related industries, foresee the market demand, adhere to long-term planning, and the closed-loop iteration of cognitive evolution and practical feedback, from known to unknown, turn unknown into known, develop the diversity in application with the simplicity in technology, grasp the development initiative and create the future crossing the technology iteration and product life.

Keep Diligence:Keep diligence means concentration, excellence, self-transcendence and continuous innovation. "Let us change for moving forward!" Facing development tasks and business objectives, we must persevere in being prepared for crisis in times of peace,thinking systematically and problem-oriented, seeking innovation and agility, and respecting talents and collective efforts. Actively seek new information, new technologies, new methods and new skills. Do not fear or hinder any positive and necessary changes, and dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of technological innovation, product innovation, process innovation, management innovation, and marketing innovation with an unfulfilled and uncompromising attitude, challenge the impossible, so as to continuously promote the quantitative to qualitative evolution of all work and make the road of photon industry wider and better.

Achieve Customers:Customer-focused, results-oriented, respect customers, understand customers, value customer perspectives, identify customer pain points, and dig customer needs, take proactive action to continuously provide products and services that meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations; Insight into the technology trend, create customer demand, obtain customer recognition and resonance with products (the crystallization of technology and wisdom) developed with forward-looking actions like "seize the goddess by the forelocks", and serve customers wholeheartedly, satisfy customers, achieve self-fulfillment, win-win progress with customers, and contribute to the development of China's photon industry; The collaborative docking relationship formed by various departments, business units (processes) and jobs within the BHP according to the business (process) process is also equivalent to the customer relationship, which should also follow this principle, work together and achieve mutual success.

Open and Inclusive:Beware of self-isolation and arrogance, face science and technology, the market, the world and the future with a broad mind and long-term vision; Actively accept new things, extensively carry out industry-university-research cooperation, make good use of the situation, and make full use of all available resources; Facing error, setbacks and failures in the struggle for innovation, we should not be harsh, pessimistic or discouraged, we should be tolerant and encouraging, learn value and sum up experience, and make it a ladder to success; No matter written or spoken, whether in group discussions or individual communication, we should based on facts, be honest and mutual trust, listen carefully, communicate effectively, understand needs and provide assistance; We should be open-minded, learn from others, for building BHP into a domestic first-class and world-famous "Three Good Enterprise" (good team, good products and good management).

Quality Policy:

Quality policy of BHP: To keep in mind that quality is the cornerstone of an enterprise’s survival; To give full play to the potential of all staff to continuously improve the quality management system; To make a commitment to provide high-quality products and services to customers; To build a first-class and world-famous optical industry base in China.
Quality objectives of BHP: Our long-term goal is to produce first-class products to meet human needs.
Quality policy of BHL: To keep in mind that quality is the cornerstone of an enterprise’s survival; To give full play to the potential of all staff to continuously improve the quality management system; To achieve continuous transcendence of quality with ingenuity; To build a first-class and world-famous medical instrument manufacturing enterprise in China.
Quality objectives of BHL: Our long-term goal is to produce high-quality products to meet human needs.

Environmental Policy:

Environmental policy of the company: To continuously promote the environmental protection awareness of all staff, standardize the environmental behaviors of employees, protect the environment, realize pollution prevention, comply with compliance obligations, and insist on continuous improvement.
Environmental objectives of the company: To discharge all production sewage after reaching the standard; To discharge wastewater up to standard; Classification and disposal of solid wastes shall meet the requirements of standards; Save resources and reduce energy consumption; The annual fire accident is zero.