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Human Resource Philosophy

HR work guiding ideology of BHP: Showing respect for each person’s work, respecting knowledge, talents and innovations, and following the common rules of talents cultivation. Driven by the company's development strategy, the well-structured and competitive HR management system shall be established based on practical organizational design and job description, to bring out the best in current employees and focusing on performance management. The principle of "problem-goal-trend" will be implemented in the HR management and talents cultivation work, which shall be both creative and adapted to common rules and change of times under the new situation. Efforts will be made constantly for making new breakthroughs in HR management and talents cultivation work, to provide guaranteed support of intelligence and talents necessary for realization of strategic goals and rapid development of the company.

People-oriented:The idea of “value the physical capital only and neglecting human capital” shall be fundamentally changed, and instead, the concept of “Human resources and human capital are the priority for the enterprise” shall be strengthened; Efforts shall be made to follow the common rules of talents cultivation, value the talents and protect their individual personality, encourage their innovations  and attach importance to their practical needs, so that all types of talents will be motivated and grown progressively, which shall be regarded as the essence, substance and origin of enterprise development.

Bring out the best in people: Cultivation of talents shall be integrated with talents discovery and carried out in a strict and enthusiastic way. Talents shall be properly encouraged, fairly evaluated, greatly inspired, as well as rewarded spiritually and physically. Optimize talents allocation in the process of HR management, bring out the best in people, appoint right person in the right job position, to provide support of intelligence and talents necessary for rapid development of the company.

Diversified Talents Cultivation: Employees engaging in the business management, product research and development, production and manufacturing, market promotion, etc., shall be guided and encouraged to make career planning based on the goals of company's development and individual growth. By utilizing the platform of their respective job and motivated by their ambition, every person may choose a path suitable for individual development and success, and realize the value of life while creating profits for the company and wealth for the society.

Dynamic Talents Motivation:The competition mechanism shall be established and improved, and just like “horse racing without horse judging by appearance”, the hard work and performance assessment will be decisive for everyone’s success or failure. The dynamic management mode will be implemented to activating potential of each person and to allow job adjustment or transform of employees. Efforts shall be made to mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees and leaders, so that they will make contributions for the development of the company.