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The general manager of Beijing Hamamatsu was elected as vice-Chairman of CAIVD Raw Materials Committee

createTime:2021-03-12 author:Liu Changsheng

In order to further improve the level of the upstream raw materials and components for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD), encourage and support the relative domestic and overseas enterprises to provide quality products and services, overcome the risk from short supply due to the sudden events.

The "Upstream Raw Materials and Components Professional Committee (Group) of China Association of In-Vitro Diagnostics (CAIVD)" has been established by the research and decision of CAIVD.

Mr. Duan Hongbin, the general manger of Beijing Hamamatsu Photon Technique Inc. (BHP), was elected as vice- Chairman of the CAIVD Raw Materials Committee, and will work with experts, scholars and entrepreneurs, promote the progress of domestic IVD area jointly.

BHP photon counting detector, with strong anti-interference ability, good consistency, high stability, wide linear range and low dark count, has been widely used in IVD, environmental monitoring, food safety monitoring and other fields.

Photon counting detector not only reduces the design requirements of the instrument, but also helps the instrument achieve better performance. Furthermore, a smaller photon counting detector will be released soon.

BHP keeps on analyzing the photoelectric detection technology, and constantly improves the photoelectric detection performance.

In molecular diagnosis field, products such as CR131 series of photomultiplier tubes, CH253 series of modules and CH419 series modules have been widely used.


CR13(left)CH253 (centre) CH419(right)

Fig.1 Molecular diagnosis products

BHP can provide 48-hole/8-hole constant temperature PCRs, and customizes PCR series products. Adopting Modular design idea, integration and expansion are more flexible, can respond to the customer' ODM requirements quickly.



Fig. 2 48-hole constant temperature PCR

BHP pays attention to R&D and intellectual property protection. The R&D investment accounts for about 7% of sales every year, and R&D team accounts for 40% of the total number of employees. Centering on five product platforms, BHP masters core technologies and keeps on promoting the technology iteration and upgrade, and generates dozens of proprietary technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

BHP is a professional manufacturer and supplier of photon detector parts, components and modular products, taking the development of photon technology as its own responsibility and challenging the unknown.