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Glass Bulbs

BHP can produce spherical, round, square and hexagonal glass bulb with different materials and specifications by blow molding method according to customer's requirements, and process and manufacture various kinds of glass bulbs and various complicated glass components by hand fabrication. Our products are widely used in various photoelectric devices, such as PMTs, X-ray tubes, element lamps and consumables for analysis instruments. It can provide customers with a variety of“unmatched sealing”technical scheme customization, or can be developed according to the customer's needs.

Glass Bulbs
  • Manual blowing



  • Glass to glass sealing: Production of various types of glass bulbs.


  • Glass to kovar alloy sealing: Generally, kovar alloy (4J29) and glass sealing (induction sealing and flame sealing) are adopted, which have sufficient mechanical strength, thermal stability and airtightness after sealing.


  • Glass bulb reshaping: Glass tubes can be used through glass reshaping technology to obtain various shapes and sizes of glass bulbs.


  • Graded sealing: BHP can realize the transition of expansion coefficient α from 5.5x10-7/°C to 50x10-7/°C for glass sealing, and the width of transition part can be controlled within 13mm. The product can withstand 300°C temperature difference impact without fracture. It is mainly used for all kinds of electric light source bulbs.


  • Quartz glass product molding: The softening temperature of quartz glass is up to 1730°C. BHP has mature quartz glass bulb forming technology and production equipment, which can process various kinds of quartz glass products and matching quartz parts, quartz crucibles, quartz paddles, etc.