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CH299 photon counting detector is a photon counter with large sensitive area, which is composed of head-on PMT, high voltage power supply module and high-speed comparison and shaping circuit. The detector is characterized by low noise, good stability, strong anti-interference and wide dynamic range. It is mainly used in weak light, precision measurement and analysis field. It has been widely used in many fields such as biology, medicine and chemistry. This product can directly output standard TTL signal to facilitate data processing.


1) Random pulse, 10% count loss;

2) Protect from light for 30 minutes, at room temperature of 25°C, test for 300s, and calculate the mean value;

3) The wavelength  is between 400~500nm, and the counting rate of the detector is about 15ks-1;

4) Input power supply voltage +5V, load resistance 50Ω, coaxial cable RG-174/U (450mm);

5) Detector's output counting rate is approx. 30ks-1;

6) No condensation.