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CH469 voltage output type optical detector module consists of  small-volume head-on PMT, high voltage power supply, voltage dividing circuit and amplifier circuit. The current signal generated by the PMT is converted into voltage signal after being converted and amplified. 

This product is characterized by miniaturization, low noise, wide response frequency bandwidth, strong anti-interference and adjustable gain. The gain can be adjusted by either voltage or potentiometer.

The product can be used in in-vitro diagnosis, fluorescence detection, material analysis and other fields.


1) Control voltage : +5V ;

2) At ±12V Input voltage, and test in dark environment ;

3) Peak wavelength 420nm;

4) Test after 30min protected from light;

5) Load : 1MΩ ;

6) After preheating for 30min ;

7) No condensation.