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Diameter: 28mm, side-on type, photocathode material is bialkali (Effective photosensitive area: 24mm×8mm, Spectral response range: 185-650nm)

Type No.CR293-01CR293-02
Spectral response range (nm)185-650185-650
Peak wavelength (nm)340340
Minimum effective diameter of cathode (mm)24mmx8mm24mmx8mm
Photocathode materialBialkaliBialkali
Glass shell materialUV-transmitting glassUV-transmitting glass
Dynode structure/StagesCircular-cage/9Circular-cage/9
Cathode luminous sensitivity Min. (μA/lm)4040
Cathode luminous sensitivity Typ. (μA/lm)6060
Cathode blue sensitivity index Min.----
Cathode blue sensitivity index Typ.6.46.4
R/W×10 Min.----
R/W×10 Typ.----
Anode luminous sensitivity  Min. (A/lm)(1000V)1000400
Anode luminous sensitivity  Typ. (A/lm)(1000V)1500800
Dark current 1) Typ. (nA)(1000V)0.30.15
Dark current 1) Max. (nA)(1000V)22
Typical gain2.5x1071.3x107
Anode to cathode voltage Max. (VDC)12501250
Rise time Typ. (ns)2.22.2
Operating ambient temperature (℃)-30~+50-30~+50

Note: 1) Dark current is the test value after 30 minutes protected from light;

          Shock: 100g(11ms)Sinusoidal vibration: 10g;

          Model name suffix -C is magnetic shielding product.