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CH277 photon counting detector is a composed of side-on PMT, high voltage power supply module, comparison and shaping circuit. It has wide spectral response and dynamic range. The detector is equipped with a cooler and controlled by a temperature controller to reduce the thermal noise of the PMT, so that it still has a good signal-to-noise ratio for very weak light measurement; It can be applied to weak light luminescence analysis and precision measurement analysis in biology, medicine, chemistry, environment and other fields. This product outputs standard TTL signal, which is convenient for data processing. Before leaving the factory, each parameter has been preset as the optimal value, and the user can use it by simply connecting according to the instructions.


1) Random pulse, 10% count loss;

2) After light-protected and preheating until reaches stability;

3) Measured at wavelength of 630nm;

4) Input power supply voltage +12V, load 50Ω, coaxial cable RG-174/U (600mm);

5) Detector's output counting rate is approx. 30ks-1;

6) No condensation.